Little Buddies Learning Centres aim to provide the children educational, cultural and social experiences that will positively influence them to become effective members of their community.

We aspire for our children to be:

We strongly believe that exploration is the way to learn and our programme reflects on the holistic development of the child,- “cognitively, socially, culturally, emotionally and spiritually,” encompassing the four principles of Te Whariki-2017; Early Childhood Curriculum: Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family and Community, and Relationships. (Te Whariki-2017).

These four principles is incorporated into our daily programme and are designed to build confidence in children, develop positive relationships and meet the individual requirements of each child. Therefore the teaching team collaboratively strives to set up a well thought out learning environment and believe that our learning environment will enrich, and enhance the knowledge, skills and dispositions that children bring to the learning experiences. We strongly believe that the inclusion of family and the community is an important part of each child’s positive development, and aim to continue this partnership in all our Little Buddies Learning Centres.

We value the importance of transition to school programme as suggested by ERO, as it helps to ensure further achievement of our children in schools. This is been supported by our individual goals/learning outcomes set for each child in collaboration with parents. The programme also reflects the principals of Treaty of Waitangi and multiculturalism as incorporated in Te Whariki-Early Childhood Curriculum.