Getting Started

Little Buddies has developed a policy for the settling of new children. To ensure a smooth transition for your child, the following tips may be helpful:


  • Young children are very sensitive and can pick up on signals and feelings of their parents. Your child will feel less apprehensive if you show your enthusiasm and trust in the centre and the staff. Reassure your child that you are comfortable about leaving him/her in our care.
  • We encourage you to spend time in the centre with your child, become comfortable with our routines and use this time to express any aspirations and special considerations that you have for your child.
  • We encourage you to spend time finding out what your child enjoys doing the most – this will help us to settle him/her at Little Buddies.
  • When you feel confident about leaving your child at the centre, say “goodbye” to the child and tell the child that you will return to collect him/her. For example, you could say “I will pick you up in the afternoon”. Please do not try to sneak out of the centre as this will cause mistrust and disrupt the settling down process.
  • It is quite normal for children to take a liking towards a particular teacher. If you think that such may be the case for your child, please feel free to ask that particular teacher to support your child in settling in at Little Buddies.
  • Feel free to call us anytime of the day to check on your child’s day. If the child seems upset, we will communicate with you and together we will put a plan in place to facilitate the settling of your child. Please ensure that your contact details are current at all times.
  • When you collect your child at the end of the day we will give you a report on your child’s activities throughout the day. We recommend that you talk to your child about all of the exciting things that he/she did during the day.
  • Children take different amounts of time to settle down into a childcare/learning centre – try not to get impatient. Please stay focussed in your approach, and maintain good communication with the staff here at Little Buddies.