Our Philosophy

Our Approach

We recognize that our children are New Zealand’s future. We must provide them with educational, cultural and social experiences that will positively influence them to become effective members of their community.

Our educators are highly qualified and trained to provide opportunities for children to create and act out their feelings. We at Little Buddies believe that all children must be treated as individuals and be loved and respected for their uniqueness. In order for every child to develop holistically, we believe we must look at the child as a whole: “cognitively, socially, culturally, emotionally and spiritually,” encompassing the four principles of Te Whariki: EmpowermentHolistic DevelopmentFamily and Community, and Relationships(Te Whariki 1996). These four principles are incorporated into our daily programme and are designed to build confidence in children, develop positive relationships and meet the individual requirements of each child.


  • To achieve the holistic development of all children, they need to be empowered on a regular basis. We provide opportunities for children that encourage decision making and foster the child’s self-confidence.
  • We embrace and celebrate the multicultural environment of New Zealand and children and their families are encouraged to share and celebrate other cultures.

Family and Community

  • We believe our role is an extension of you, a partnership with you – in providing the loving, safe and nurturing care for your child in your absence.
  • Your involvement in the routines at Little Buddies is not only encouraged but highly valued.
  • We are committed to work with parents and caregivers in partnership and acknowledge their role as the child’s first teacher.
  • We strongly believe that the inclusion of family and the community are an important part of each child’s positive development.
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Holistic Development

  • We believe that all children must be treated as individuals and be loved and respected for their uniqueness. In order for every child to develop holistically, we must nurture the development cognitively, socially, culturally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • We constantly strive to learn about and introduce children to the various cultures within our communities.
  • Our educators are respectful of the cultural and religious beliefs of individuals and families and accommodate these beliefs where possible.
  • We are committed to provide an environment in our centre that is interactive, age appropriate, stimulating, healthy and safe.
  • We have an on-site cook who provides children with delicious morning and afternoon teas and lunches that are healthy and nutritionally balanced. We are happy to cater for individual religious or cultural needs and those with allergy concerns.


  • We at Little Buddies believe that role modelling is the ideal way to foster positive relationships. Healthy relationships between staff, children and parents/caregivers are vital in the positive development of children.
  • Our programme planning is child centred, providing an environment where children have the opportunity to contribute, fostering their sense of belonging.
  • We believe open and effective communication ensures positive relationships; daily conversations with parents and caregivers, monthly newsletter, informative notice board, are some of the ways in which we ensure communication is open and effective.