Individual Programme Planning

At Little Buddies our individual programme planning is based on the New Zealand early childhood curriculum – Te Whariki – which encompasses the four principles of learning: Empowerment, Holistic Development, Family and Community, and Relationships – refer to Our Philosophy.

Our staff members are qualified and experienced, selected for their commitment to children and their ability to provide a service that reflects the above principles. They are skilled at documenting aspects of your child’s day at the centre. This could be through written observations, artwork and/or photos. This information is used to identify your child’s interests and strengths, and assists them to set individual learning goals.

This valuable information is kept in individual portfolios of every child. Your child’s portfolio is available for you to view at any time.


Transition: School Readiness Programme

Little Buddies provides a comprehensive school readiness programme. Our programme is based on a holistic approach to supporting all children in the development of the foundation skills. Our programme has been developed by professionals from Early Childhood and Primary sectors in partnership with our families – we are more than happy to discuss this programme with you in detail at your convenience.