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What To Expect At Little Buddies

What Did I Do Today at Little Buddies

  • I painted – extended my imagination
  • I exchanged ideas with my friends and teacher – extended my language and social skills.
  • I scribbled with crayons – my fine motor skills were strengthened.
  • I decided to play with blocks – made a choice – my confidence grew.
  • I completed a puzzle – my concentration span developed.
  • I ate healthy food – good for my physical development.
  • I climbed ran and jumped – my large motor skills developed.
  • I had a lot of Fun !

What To Bring To Little Buddies

At Little Buddies we have an array of resources and activities that we have planned for the children’s pleasure. Some of these activities involve water, paint or messy play. Though protective aprons are provided, some children feel more comfortable without them and can get messy. We feel it is important that children should be comfortable in whatever they want to wear and are able to get messy, for such times please include the following in your child’s bag:


  • One spare change of clothes for over two year olds
  • Two spare change of clothes for under two year olds
  • Sun Hat (during summer months)
  • Nappies – you have the option to buy nappies from the centre if required
  • We provide nutritious meals in the centre, including vegetarian options. If your child has special dietary needs please discuss these at your time of enrolment.

Note: Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly written on the spare clothes that are sent to the centre.

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Getting Acquainted

We have an open door policy and encourage parents/caregivers to spend time at the centre getting to know our team members and the routines that we incorporate into our daily programmes. We believe it is important to understand and support individual values and beliefs within a nurturing learning environment. It is recommended for any new enquirers to make an appointment so that we can spend time with you to show you around our centre. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to seeing you soon. You can use our quick form on our contact page, or see our contact details at the top and bottom of this page.

Our Policies

Sun Sense

Little Buddies Learning Centre adheres to a ‘Protection from Sun Policy’. We require that you provide a sun hat for your child during the summer months (October-May). We also require your written permission to apply sun-screen to your child, detailed in the enrolment application.

During the summer months we organise and plan activities under shaded areas and ensure that children have access to fresh drinking water at all times. Educators will also take every opportunity throughout the day to educate the children regarding the risk of exposure to the sun.


Sleep time

Little Buddies Learning Centre has a well planned and organised routine for children and babies to have a sleep or nap. Every baby under two years old has its own cot and linen. The room temperature is maintained at a comfortable level in all weather. We recommend you to provide any special item (security blanket) that your baby settles with during sleep time. We will endeavour to follow the same sleeping times for your child that you have at home.

We encourage you discuss with us any particular requirements that you may have for your child. We encourage over two year olds to sleep or rest while at the centre, they are also provided with their own mattress and linen.

We are required by the Ministry of Education to monitor all children during sleep or rest times. These times are documented and recorded and are available for you to view.


Child illness

At Little Buddies we are committed to the health and well-being of the children under our care. We recommend that if your child is unwell, keep the child at home until the child is fully recovered. (A clearance certificate from your doctor may be required). This policy also applies to our staff members.

If your child becomes unwell during the time the child is under our care, we will contact you immediately and ask that you collect your child as soon as possible.


If your child is on regular medication, you must provide a signed medication plan which details the frequency and dosage, and also authorises us to administer the medication. For medications such as antibiotics and analgesics etc. you are required to sign-in daily, and provide the medication to an educator. Please do not put any medication in children’s bags.



At Little Buddies Learning Centre we are very serious about the health and safety of the children under our care. Our Health and Safety policy aims to ensure that children’s safety is of utmost importance at all times. We have trained staff who are adept in Hazard Identification, Hazard Management and Elimination, and First Aid. Despite utmost care for the prevention, unfortunately accidents do happen. In case of such accident, if a child requires medical attention we will contact you immediately and provide appropriate medical attention until you arrive.

The well-being of your child is paramount. In case the injury is minor, and we can take care of it in the centre, a person trained in first aid procedures will attend the child and the details of the accident and treatment will be documented on record and available for you to view.


Positive guidance

At Little Buddies we are committed to promoting and providing positive guidance to children in our care at all times. We believe in Magda Gerber’s philosophy on positive guidance and promote it in our centre. Gerber’s philosophy acknowledges each child as an individual and focuses on their individual requirements. Our educators are skilled and experienced in promoting positive behaviour and using strategies like re-direction as a form of managing inappropriate behaviour.

We encourage the involvement of families and caregivers, as we believe it is beneficial to the development of the child.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any issues that you may have – our educators are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with such issues. We would be happy to discuss any such issues at a time convenient to you.


Birthday celebrations

At Little Buddies we consider birthdays as a very special day and we celebrate this day along with the parent’s with special arrangements. However, our centre is committed to Healthy and Nutritional foods. Since we are accountable for the health and safety of all children under our care, we have a responsibility to know the ingredients of all foods that we give to our children, so that children with allergic conditions or special considerations are not compromised. Please talk to your child’s teacher to plan a day that is memorable for your child and other children in a safe and healthy environment.